The Secret Airsofter

Hello.  Welcome to my blog.

Let’s begin at the beginning. What is this ‘Secret Airsofter’ business. And why am I one?

There are two reasons. The first is that most of my friends and colleagues are nice, reasonable Guardian readers. If they knew I liked playing with airsoft guns, they would probably look on me as some sort of dangerous lunatic. After all, their weekends are filled with rounds of golf and dinner parties. Not driving down to the woods and playing soldiers.

The second is that I live in a city centre flat. I have to be really careful with my kit. One glimpse of an M4 through a window and I’d probably be looking down the wrong end of a very real MP5 very quickly. And quite right too. I don’t even want to risk carrying a gun case to a car, preferring a range of innocent-looking camping holdalls instead.

Those are the reasons why I’m discreet about my hobby (I don’t call it a sport, I don’t take it seriously enough for that). But I am passionate about it. Which is why I’ve started this blog, under the pseudonym secretsofter.

I’m sure I’m not alone. There must be countless vicars, rabbis, headmasters, surgeons and nuns who play airsoft but would rather not talk about it. This site is for all of you.

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